Memoria Ram 8Gb DDR3 PNY 1600mhz Performance MD8GSD31600BL

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PNY DDR3 memory features faster speeds, greater bandwidth, lower power consumption, and enhanced thermal performance for a noticeable improvement in PC response times during memoryintensive application use. PNY DDR3 memory modules are rigorously engineered and tested to ensure stable, reliable performance in realworld computing environments.


  • Memory Type
    Desktop DDR3
  • Channel Type
    Single Channel
  • Capacity
  • Frequency Speed
    1600MHz (PC3-12800)
  • CAS Latency
  • Voltage
  • Overclocking Support
  • Speed Compatibility
    1600MHz, 1333MHz, 1066MHz
  • Module Dimension
    133.5 x 30 x 4 mm
  • Retail Pack Dimension
    170 x 58 x 18 mm
  • OS Compatibility
    Windows 10 and older